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The Safety Restraint Coalition

425-828-8975 or

F: 425-828-9083
E: 800bucklup@gmail.com

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Washington State Safety Restraint Coalition

Is located in King County and is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit
(425) 828-8975 or 1-800-BUCK-L-UP (1-800-282-5587)
fax: (425) 828-9083
email: 800bucklup@gmail.com



All staff are volunteers

Kathy Kruger
Cell/Text 206-790-6833 kathy.kruger@gmail.com

Sue Emery
Cell/Text 206-619-2871 suemery@aol.com

Jennifer Pavey
Cell/Text 206-200-5410 spirit530@gmail.com