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Is my child's car seat recalled?

New child restraints come with a registration card. Completing the card, or registering it on the manufacturer's website allows the manufacturer to contact you in the event of a recall. Hint: Take a photo of the label using your cell phone camera.

You need to know 3 things:

  1. Manufacturer's name
  2. Model Name and/or Number
  3. Date of Manufacture

Look for a label on the side, back, or bottom of the seat. Some of the information may be in number codes (if in doubt, bring the seat to the telephone, contact the manufacturer directly. They can help you locate the needed information.

View Our Current Recall List


These two lists are compiled by the Safety Restraint Coalition in Seattle, Washington. We endeavor to keep this list accurate and up-to-date, however information from the manufacturers may change without our knowledge. Call the manufacturer to verify recall information.

Does the seat have to be sent back?

Not usually. Most problems can be fixed by replacing a part that the manufacturer will send you for free. Sometimes, with an older seat, or when the company is out of business, you may need to destroy it. To make sure it is not reused take it completely apart, marking it "not for use as a car seat" before throwing it out in a black plastic garbage bag.

Should I go on using a recalled seat?

Many defects are minor, but some are serious. All problems should be corrected as soon as possible. Unless you have another seat, you should go on using the recalled one while you are waiting for the repair kit. Using a recalled car seat is almost always safer than letting your child ride in only a safety belt.